Buntingford filmmaker starts feature movie on 3,000-mile longboard journey


A young filmmaker has started to create a feature movie that will document his journey of longboarding more than 3,000 miles across the USA with his friends.

Rupert Rixon, from Buntingford, and fellow skaters David Rock, Tom Nicholson and Oli Spain – who left the trip early for personal reasons – set off to the States in June.

ASU grad lights up skateboards worldwide

A Valley startup is on a roll, adding some flash to skateboards around the U.S. and more than a dozen countries.

Board Blazers, launched by Arizona State University graduate Greg Rudolph, are LED underglow lights that come in eight colors and self-adhere to the bottom of a skateboard or scooter.

“High-school students and college students really love the style aspects. Their parents love it for the safety,” Rudolph, 23, said.

Some longboard brands that create stellar boards.


Stella Longboards
is a manufacturer of quality longboard decks, wheels and other longboard products since 2006. They are based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA. Each Stella pintail long board, kicktail board, downhill longboard and other shapes as well as their eco-friendly bamboo boards are of great quality

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Ehlers Longboards provides longboards skateboards with customizable options for all completes and are based in Huntington Beach CA, They produce top of the line longboard products at affordable prices. The founder and CEO – Ryan Ehlers – has been skateboarding for over 20 years and has the passion to drive the company to the top of the industry.

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Madrid Skateboards manufactures longboards and skateboards for many many years – since 1976 . Madrid Pro Designs has developed into one of the top leading deck manufacturers in the world. They are located in Huntington Beach, California. Madrid believes that skateboarding is about expressing individuality, exploring the world, conquering fear, and thwarting boredom

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7 Awesome Longboards To Enjoy Longboarding On School Campus

Longboarding is getting more and more popular everywhere. It is widely seen around town in the neighborhood and on school campuses. Most people love to go longboarding for different reasons.

  • It can be considered as an activity.
  • It can be for commuting as a form of transportation.
  • Art form for high-level longboarders.
  • As a profession for professional longboarders

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Longboarding rolls into campus life

Emily Himmelwright can make it from her dorm room to the academic side of campus in five minutes if she rides her longboard, saving her more than 10 minutes if she were to walk to class instead.

Longboarding has taken off at RIT and college campuses nationwide as a cool, and efficient, form of transportation. “The college longboarding community is growing,” said Aaron Costa, owner of the Rochester skate shop Krudco.

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Longboarding: The best way to get around campus

Whether you’re going to class or enjoying the sun on one of the quads here on campus, more often than not you will see a commuter on a bike, a scooter, or even a longboard from time to time. I for one prefer the glorious feeling of riding the sidewalks like they are luscious salt-water waves or soft powdery banks at Whistler. Longboards, on campus especially, are such a simple way of transporting yourself from one place to another without worries. Longboarding is my choice of transportation all around campus!

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